Child Custody in New Jersey

New Jersey Child Custody and Child Support Attorney

Child custody is certainly the most sensitive issue that must be decided during a divorce. Child custody will also need to be determined in cases of paternity. That's because New Jersey family courts always want to make sure that children have access to both parents, unless a parent is extremely unfit.

Child custody cases are emotional; they are also financial. Along with deciding on a custodial parent and visitation schedule, child support will also be determined. The amount a parent pays in child support is largely determined by New Jersey child support guidelines. Child support could be more or less, though, if there are good reasons.

At The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf, parents find sensitive legal help with the practical aspects of arriving at a child custody agreement. With seventeen years of family law experience, attorney David Schlendorf has the knowledge, resources and skill needed to help you protect your most important relationship-your relationship with your child.

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Reaching a Child Custody Agreement

Attorney David Schlendorf is an experienced child custody lawyer who understands the challenges parents face in making this difficult decision, as well as the importance of maintaining relationships. He is a strong advocate in negotiations and in court, protecting his clients' parental rights. He helps clients access custody evaluators and other resources that provide information and insight to help them arrive at an acceptable child custody agreement.

The firm also works with people seeking modification of child custody orders.

Relocation / Move Away Situations

It's increasingly common for a custodial parent to want to move to another state for a job or family reasons. However, New Jersey family courts want children to have access to both parents. You cannot simply relocate. You must notify the non-custodial parent and that parent can fight to keep the child in the state.

Before you move, or if you want to prevent your child from moving, talk with a lawyer to find out what your rights are in an interstate custody situation. Do not act without understanding the law. Protect your rights.

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