Click Fraud and Other Google Scams

Click fraud is essentially an Internet business crime. If a company has developed an online pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign, a competitor can click on the website and deplete the company's online advertising budget. The PPC ads will no longer appear until the account is replenished, removing the company's Internet presence. In essence, click fraud can be a type of unfair competition.

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Former Prosecutor Fighting for You

At The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf in Toms River, New Jersey, attorney Schlendorf defends clients against charges of operating click fraud schemes. Practicing criminal law since 1997, he has worked on both sides, serving as a prosecutor for six years and now defending clients against criminal charges. In addition, he is one of only 2 percent of New Jersey lawyers who are certified as criminal trial attorneys by the state bar. In short, he has the experience and knowledge to defend clients against all types of computer crime charges, including those alleging click fraud.

Proving click fraud can be challenging. The prosecution must demonstrate that the accused intended to defraud and that he or she engaged in clicking on the website, hired someone else to do it, or used a robot to perform it automatically. Mr. Schlendorf forces the prosecution to prove its case by reviewing and challenging the evidence at every stage.

He seeks the most favorable outcome possible. Depending on the client's circumstances, that could involve a dismissal or acquittal, a reduction of the charges, alternative penalties or probation. Clients can be assured that their rights will be protected throughout the legal process.

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