Computer & White Collar Crimes FAQs

If you have been arrested for a computer crime, or another white collar crime, you probably have more questions than you have answers. You might not have even been aware that you were under investigation until you were charged.

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What constitutes white collar crime?

Generally speaking, white collar crime refers to non-violent crimes that are usually motivated by financial gain.

Common white collar crimes include state and federal computer crimes, Internet fraud, online identity theft, investment fraud, credit card fraud and embezzlement. Mr. Schlendorf also defends people arrested for conducting Ponzi schemes.

What are the penalties for conviction of white collar crime?

Depending on the specific white collar crime, penalties can range from community service and probation to a substantial monetary fine and prison time. In most cases, a person convicted of a white collar crime, such as identity theft, will be required to make restitution, or pay back the money damages, to his or her victim.

What is required for a conviction of white collar crime?

The prosecution has the burden of proving that you committed each element of the crimes alleged, beyond a reasonable doubt. Our Toms River, New Jersey, attorney is an experienced criminal defense attorney — a former assistant prosecutor who understands the prosecution's strategy and knows what is necessary to protect your constitutional rights. Any evidence obtained illegally cannot be used against you.

What happens if I am convicted of a white collar crime in New Jersey?

If you are convicted of a white collar crime, Mr. Schlendorf will immediately file an appeal if there is basis for overturning the conviction. If an appeal is impossible or is not granted by the court, he will seek post-conviction relief on your behalf whenever possible.

Mr. Schlendorf may also be able to pursue an alternative sentence in certain situations.

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