Defending Against Money Wire Transfer Charges

There are many varieties of money transfer fraud, and some are listed below. If you have been charged with operating any type of money transfer scam, it is important to consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights. Attorney David T. Schlendorf has been a criminal attorney since 1997, first as a prosecutor and now as a defense lawyer. In addition, he is certified as a criminal trial attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, a status awarded to only 2 percent of New Jersey lawyers. Clients can be confident that he has the knowledge and experience to build a strong defense against any type of computer crime charges, including those involving money transfer fraud.

Examples of Money Transfer Fraud Schemes

Mr. Schlendorf defends clients against money transfer fraud charges that involve:

  • Fake business proposals: The scammer seeks someone to help him establish a business in the victim's country.
  • Fake grants: The scammer sends an e-mail announcing that the recipient has won a grant or scholarship.
  • Fake inheritance: The victim is invited to pretend to be an heir to a large estate.
  • Lottery scams: The victim is notified that he or she won a lottery and will need to send personal and financial information as well as a small amount of money to cover processing and mailing of the check.
  • Charity scams: Victims receive e-mails purporting to be from organizations helping disaster victims or people suffering from diseases such as AIDS or cancer.

The common theme in scams such as these is the request to transfer money under a pretext. The scammer's preferred method of transfer is usually Western Union, and law enforcement will search for evidence that you collected money from them. It may also seize your computer to examine your e-mail accounts. Mr. Schlendorf will protect your rights throughout the process, making sure that any search warrants are properly executed and that any charges brought against you match the evidence. In short, he forces the prosecution to prove its case.

Defending Clients in New Jersey and the United States

E-mail and Internet crimes such as those listed above are usually federal crimes because the operation crosses state lines. That is why it is important to have a defense lawyer with experience in federal courts throughout the United States. In addition to defending U.S. citizens in federal courts, attorney David T. Schlendorf has helped citizens of other countries charged with committing money transfer fraud in the U.S.

Contact a New Jersey Money Transfer Fraud Defense Lawyer

If you were charged with or are being investigated for money transfer fraud, call or e-mail The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf to discuss your case with an experienced New Jersey white collar computer crimes attorney. The sooner you call, the sooner he can start building a strong defense against the charges. The firm serves clients throughout the state, including those in communities such as Toms River, Old Bridge, Long Branch, Hamilton and Brick.