Spam & Email Fraud

E-mail has revolutionized written communication and made it possible to convey information at undreamed-of speeds. However, e-mail also lends itself to abuse, and instances of e-mail fraud and spam continue to grow. Typically, defendants facing charges involving e-mail fraud also face other charges. This makes it important to consult an attorney who can carefully examine the case brought by the prosecution and make sure that each charge is warranted.

New Jersey E-Mail Fraud Defense Attorney

At The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf in Toms River, New Jersey, clients can be assured that attorney Schlendorf will review the case against them carefully and protect their rights during the legal process. An attorney since 1997, he is a former prosecutor who builds on that experience to defend clients against all types of computer crime charges, including those involving e-mail fraud. Mr. Schlendorf is among 2 percent of New Jersey attorneys certified as criminal trial specialists by the state bar.

Spam and E-Mail Fraud Cases

Typically, e-mail fraud charges stem from the alleged use of e-mail to commit fraud such as:

Schemes such as these are designed to entice victims into providing personal and financial information; e-mail is used to drive the recipient to fraudulent websites that collect the data. It is also used directly to ask recipients to send money via international money transfer or other methods.

Experienced Defense Against These Charges

Defending clients against these charges requires a defense lawyer who will investigate the evidence and determine whether the client was actually involved in the e-mail scam — in some instances, scammers use another person's e-mail account to mask their own involvement in the fraud. When necessary, Mr. Schlendorf consults with experts who can help determine the facts of the matter.

When it is not possible to secure an acquittal or dismissal of the charges, attorney Schlendorf fights for alternative penalties such as restitution, probation, counseling or jail instead of prison. Clients can rely on him to put their interests first and seek the best possible outcome.

If you were charged with or are being investigated for e-mail fraud, call or e-mail The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf to discuss your case with a New Jersey e-mail fraud defense lawyer. The sooner you call, the sooner he can start building a strong defense against the charges. The firm serves clients throughout the state in communities such as Toms River, Marlboro, Freehold, New Brunswick and Hamilton.