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It's understandable that as you face the prospect of a divorce, you are dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil. Anger, sadness, frustration, disappointment, even a sense of failure-these are common emotions. But they are emotions that can get in the way of you making the best decisions for your life.

That's one of the most important benefits that a divorce lawyer can bring to you. He can help you look at the facts dispassionately and think about your future.

Your future is what matters most right now.

At the Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf clients with contested and uncontested divorce cases find the information and legal advocacy they need to deal with the issues of divorce: property division, alimony, child custody and child support.

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Property Division

The division of marital property can be simple or complex, depending upon the amount and type of property you own and the level of agreement you have with your former spouse. Whether you arrive at a marital property settlement agreement through mediation or you need the help of New Jersey family law court, you will receive strong advocacy with Mr. Schlendorf protecting your interests in asset division.

Spousal Support / Alimony

Unlike child support, spousal support is not mandatory. Whether you receive, or pay, alimony will depend upon the case your divorce lawyer makes to the judge about the need for support. It's important to know that alimony is often temporary unless the spouse is disabled, elderly, and/or has a limited work history.

Domestic Violence

If you are getting a divorce because you have been abused, or if your former partner has threatened or stalked you during your separation, you need immediate protection. Take threats seriously! Call the Law offices of David T. Schlendorf at (866) 895-9668. Get a restraining order and order of protection.

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