Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer in Toms River

The key to successful defense of state drug crime charges in New Jersey or New York is your attorney's in-depth understanding of how to navigate the state criminal justice system. Former prosecutor David Schlendorf applies his knowledge of the criminal defense process for the benefit of clients from beginning to end of a drug crime case.

New Jersey and New York Drug Charge Attorney

Contact The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf by phone or e-mail to schedule an initial consultation as soon as you suspect that you may be charged, or as soon as you have been charged, with any of the following offenses:

  • Possession of marijuana
  • Possession with intent to distribute narcotics, including street drugs (cocaine, crack or ecstasy) and illegally obtained prescription drugs (OxyContin, Percocet or Vicodin)
  • Trafficking in controlled substances

Whether you face federal or state charges, drug charges are very serious. The stakes are high. When you have been charged with a state drug offense, you must act swiftly and decisively to protect your freedom, preserve your constitutional rights and turn your life around by any means available — perhaps including agreeing to participate in drug abuse rehabilitation treatment in lieu of going to jail.

A Former Prosecutor Fighting for You

Attorney David Schlendorf is a former assistant prosecutor with a great respect for the power of the U.S. Constitution to protect citizens' rights. Mr. Schlendorf is well prepared to enforce your right to freedom from unlawful search and seizure. If the state obtained evidence against you in a manner that violated your constitutional rights, criminal lawyer David Schlendorf is ready to fight on behalf of your liberties. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

The firm serves clients throughout New Jersey, including people from communities such as Toms River, Freehold, Old Bridge, Middletown and New Brunswick.