Divorce rate rising for adults over 50, causing numerous challenges

Data shows although the general U.S. divorce rate is falling, that is not true for older adults. Also, they may deal with numerous specific challenges.

Like people elsewhere in the country, couples in Toms River who decide to get married usually intend for the partnership to last a lifetime. However, scientists at Bowling Green State University have discovered some interesting statistics.

Divorce rate increasing

The divorce rate in the United States remains the highest in the world, but the trend is generally becoming less prevalent. In the case of people over 50 though, that demographic group is associated with rising divorce rates.

Researchers pored over data from the 1990 U.S. Vital Statistics Report and the 2010 American Community Survey so they could get a long term picture of relationships of older adults. Of all divorces in 2010, one in four occurred to people over 50. Compared to past data, those statistics represent a substantial increase of 100 percent during a 20-year period. Reasons for the increase were not explored in the study.

Eventual need for caregiving

According to AARP, the eventual need of caregiving can be a challenge for people in this age bracket. As people get older, it is expected that they will develop health issues. Normally, a spouse would help fill that role, but without one, people may be forced to seek other options. These options may include moving into a community for people in their age bracket, hiring a private caregiver, relying on stepchildren or turning to children.

In some cases, however, children may be unable to provide the support that their parent needs or may be ill-equipped to care for someone with an issue like stroke, a broken hip or even dementia. This can leave everyone in a difficult situation with no clear-cut answers.

Older adults and finances

People who get divorced later in life have a higher likelihood of poverty, too. Despite years of saving carefully and making strategic investments, most people in the workforce have less than $25,000 in financial resources. Some decide to open their home to boarders to help make ends meet.

Having less money than expected as people adjust to single life may mean they are not able to retire at the age they expected, or realize they have to make other changes to the way of life they had planned to pursue during their golden years.

Even though older adults may find they are not as likely as younger divorced people to deal with things like parental rights because their kids are grown, they will need to address issues such as property division and spousal support. If you have questions about family law concerns in New Jersey, it could be a good idea to bring those matters up with an attorney.