Consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction

If you believe that you are being investigated for a sex crime, it is critical to obtain experienced and aggressive legal representation. You may be able to prevent charges from being brought at all or to change the level of charges. A sex crime conviction at any level, but especially at the federal level, carries severe penalties. Having a determined advocate at your side from the beginning of the case may help lessen the penalties.

Sex Crime Defense Lawyer in Toms River

At The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf, attorney Schlendorf defends clients facing all types of sex crime charges. A former prosecutor, he knows how the state develops sex crime cases — he has done it himself. As a criminal defense lawyer, he knows that in their zeal to obtain a conviction, prosecutors may sometimes mishandle evidence or violate the rights of the accused. He uses this knowledge to build strong cases for clients charged with sex crimes.

Penalties for Sex Crime Conviction

A sex crime conviction can result in harsh penalties that may include:

  • Lifetime registration on state or federal sex offender registries, depending on the level of the crime
  • Significant prison sentences
  • Restrictions on where you can live after release from prison
  • Inability to qualify for certain jobs, especially jobs involving children, such as teachers, coaches and recreation supervisors
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Deportation and removal

People convicted of sex crimes also face social ostracism, financial ruin, and loss of community and family. Sadly, such outcomes can occur even if a person is acquitted or the charges are dismissed. This makes it critical to work with a lawyer who can help you minimize consequences such as these.

Experienced New Jersey Defense Lawyer

Each case is different; attorney Schlendorf develops a defense strategy that matches the client's situation. Whatever the nature of the criminal charge, he works to minimize the penalties whenever possible. This could mean seeking reduced charges, advocating for alternative penalties, challenging the evidence or introducing mitigating circumstances.

Toms River attorney David T. Schlendorf has handled more than 2,500 sex crime cases in his legal career — first as a prosecutor and now as a criminal defense attorney. He works to protect clients' rights in the criminal justice system. Call or e-mail him to schedule an initial consultation to learn more about the consequences of a sex crime conviction.

The firm serves clients throughout the state, including those in communities such as Lakewood, Asbury Park, Old Bridge, Hamilton, and Marlboro.