Sex Offenses Against Children

Few situations in life are more frightening than being accused of a sexual offense involving a child. Whether a slight indiscretion was misinterpreted, a complaining witness has fabricated accusations or the accusation is correct but exaggerated, the accused person has much at stake. Marriages, careers and reputations are often ruined as a result of charges of Internet luring or child sexual abuse.

Aggressive Defense

At the first indication that you are being investigated for child sexual abuse, contact an experienced sex crimes defense attorney. David T. Schlendorf is a former prosecutor and a New Jersey-certified criminal defense lawyer. He has experience providing aggressive defense to people charged with sex crimes including the following:

Without warning, misinterpreted behavior can set the stage for sex offense accusations involving children or other vulnerable persons such as employees, prisoners, patients or clients.

Ocean County Criminal Defense Attorney: Child Sexual Abuse

If you face accusations of child molestation or sexual abuse in New Jersey or elsewhere, do not let the prosecutors run roughshod over your rights with their version of the events. Protect your right to a vigorous criminal defense by contacting dedicated and knowledgeable defense attorney David T. Schlendorf. Mr. Schlendorf serves clients throughout the state, including those in communities such as Toms River, Asbury Park, Long Branch, Old Bridge, Manalapan and New Brunswick.