Solicitation of Minors Online Sex Sting

Sex offenses involving minor children carry a particularly high level of social stigma. Many good people are stigmatized by false allegations surrounding their actions. The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf understands that allegations involving solicitation of a minor can bring serious problems to your life, family and reputation. Contact us online today to learn how an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer can help.

Internet/Online Solicitation of a Minor

Charges involving solicitation of a minor often involve computer use. Online chat rooms and other anonymous online forums can be misleading. People can claim to be any age — including people under the age of eighteen. The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf has substantial knowledge of sex crimes involving computer use. Many defenses are available to people who have been charged with solicitation of a minor.

For example, if your computer is in an accessible area, someone else may have logged into your computer using your name and password and downloaded inappropriate content or engaged in inappropriate behavior without your knowledge. The prosecution must prove that you knowingly downloaded, saved or viewed the content in question.

Former Prosecutor Who Has Handled Over 2,500 Sex Crimes Cases

David Schlendorf is a former prosecutor and certified criminal trial attorney. He has handled more than 2,500 sex crimes cases in his legal career. Mr. Schlendorf understands the impact a conviction can have on your future and your freedoms. He can use his knowledge and experience to build a strong defense on your behalf.

Mr. Schlendorf understands the importance of a thorough investigation of every case. This is especially important in charges involving solicitation of a minor. In certain situations, charges involving online solicitation and the associated penalties may be reduced or dropped.

Online Sex Stings And Online Traps

Internet sting operations are commonly used by law enforcement officers to catch online predators. The police pretend to be minors in online chat rooms and try to lure adults into making a request to meet them for a date, meeting or sexual encounter. This is considered solicitation of a minor, and it is a serious offense with serious consequences if convicted.

Many people who fall into these online traps are not necessarily interested in engaging in sexual or inappropriate activity with a minor. Some online stings even target websites that are just for adults and sexual in nature. If you are suddenly facing prison time and lifetime registration as a sexual predator due to some form of online activity, consult an experienced attorney.

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