Trafficking to Minors

Any sex offense involving a minor is considered an extremely serious matter. An individual charged with a sex offense against children faces harsh fines and penalties, including many years in prison. Whether you were falsely accused or you became involved with the wrong people, if you are under investigation for a sex crime, including trafficking of minors for prostitution, seek legal counsel immediately.

New Brunswick Prostitution Defense Lawyer

The sale of minors for sexual purposes is typically an international crime. The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf has represented clients accused of trafficking minors across the South Texas and California borders. Mr. Schlendorf understands the importance of a thorough investigation of every case. He determines at what level his client may have been involved in the trafficking of minors, or if the individual was involved at all. If the accused had only a limited role or was not aware of his or her criminal actions, the charges and penalties may be reduced.

Most people who are charged with human trafficking or trafficking of minors have no prior offenses, yet the penalties can be up to 40 years in federal prison. With your family, your career and your freedom at stake, you need an experienced federal criminal attorney.

As a former prosecutor, David T. Schlendorf understands how to effectively defend serious charges. Attorney Schlendorf is a dedicated advocate for his clients, and he does not allow their rights to be overrun by the prosecution. Call 866-895-9668 or contact the firm online to schedule an initial consultation with a New Jersey trafficking of minors defense lawyer. In addition to handling federal cases nationwide, Mr. Schlendorf serves clients throughout New Jersey, including people in communities such as Toms River, Asbury Park, Manalapan and New Brunswick.