Traveling to Solicit Minors

Solicitation of a minor is a serious crime on its own. If an individual travels across state lines or international boundaries to solicit a minor, the charges and penalties significantly increase. Traveling to solicit a minor, also referred to as "sex tourism," is a federal crime that carries a 20-year minimum mandatory prison sentence.

Police typically target international travelers to areas where prostitution is common, such as Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe,. However, a domestic traveler in the U.S. can also be charged with sex tourism.

Federal Sex Tourism Lawyer

Often, individuals are arrested at the airport upon return from an international journey. Others are not charged with traveling to solicit a minor until some time after they return, depending on the time it takes authorities to investigate the incident. No matter the scenario, if you have been charged or believe you may soon be charged with a sex offense involving a child, the time to hire an attorney is right now.

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