Navigating The Criminal Justice System Can Be Difficult. We Can Help.

At The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf, clients charged with a criminal offense will find an experienced and skilled advocate who will help as they confront the complex criminal justice system.

As a veteran defense lawyer with more than two decades of experience, including six years as a prosecutor, you can be confident that attorney David T. Schlendorf is both knowledgeable and efficient. In fact, he is also a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, a designation given to him by the New Jersey Supreme Court and shared by only a small percentage of lawyers in the state.

Regardless of the criminal charges you may be facing, let attorney David T. Schlendorf protect your rights and guide you through the often-complicated process.

What Can I Expect After An Arrest?

After you are arrested by law enforcement, you can expect to appear in court numerous times rather than just when your case comes to trial. Our lawyer will be with you throughout the process, which may include the following steps depending on your case:

  • Intake
  • First appearance
  • Bail
  • Right to counsel
  • Substance abuse evaluations
  • Preindictment events
  • Plea bargains
  • Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI)
  • The grand jury
  • The indictment process
  • The prearraignment conference and arraignment
  • The status and pretrial conferences
  • Trials
  • Presentence investigations, reports and sentencing
  • Post-conviction motions

Every case is different, and you might not encounter every one of these processes, especially if we are able to get your charges dismissed. However, it is important to understand from the beginning that the legal system can seem very slow as you await the disposition of your case.

Help Is Just A Phone Call Away

If you were charged with a crime, it is important to have an attorney who thoroughly understands every aspect of the New Jersey criminal process. At The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf, we know how your case will unfold as it works its way through the system.

Contact us today for your FREE consultation and learn how we can help if you were charged with any type of crime. The stakes are too high to do otherwise. You can reach us online or by phone at 866-895-9668. We serve clients throughout the state, including people in communities such as Toms River, Lakewood, Long Branch, Manalapan, Middletown and New Brunswick.