New Jersey Burglary Defense Attorney

A burglary charge can result from a false accusation, a misjudgment or a variety of other scenarios. The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf defends clients facing a range of criminal charges, including felony burglary charges in New Jersey. As a New Jersey certified criminal attorney, Mr. Schlendorf is uniquely qualified to defend individuals charged with even the harshest felonies in the state, as well as federal crimes.

When your future and freedom is on the line, an experienced and hardworking criminal defense lawyer is a valuable ally and source of support. If you are under investigation, have been arrested or have been charged with a theft crime, seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

Ocean County Burglary Lawyer

As a former prosecutor, attorney David Schlendorf knows how to effectively defend serious state felony charges, such as burglary, robbery, carjacking and street gang crimes. His past experience provides him with valuable insight he uses daily when crafting winning defenses and pursing his clients' best interests.

Burglary is defined as breaking and entering a building for the purpose of stealing property or committing another crime. It is important to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights if you have been charged with burglary.

If you or a family member has been charged with burglary, contact a reputable burglary lawyer and former prosecutor at The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf. Call 866-895-9668 or complete the online form to arrange a consultation. Mr. Schlendorf serves clients throughout New Jersey, including people in places such as Toms River, Brick, Old Bridge, Monmouth and Burlington. He also handles federal cases nationwide.