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Identity theft charges often lead to complex criminal defense cases. The alleged ID theft may be a result of mistaken identification. The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt every element of a charge involving computer fraud, unauthorized use of a credit card or signature forgery.

A Former New Jersey Prosecutor

Contact Attorney David T. Schlendorf, a former assistant prosecutor, to schedule an initial consultation regarding fraud or identity theft charges in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania. Whether your case is under investigation or you have already been charged, the services of a well-prepared criminal defense lawyer can help you protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

Presuming you did, in fact, use another person's ID to commit fraud, and the prosecution has clear evidence of the ID theft, your case is not necessarily hopeless. There may be mitigating factors such as a gambling addiction which may allow for a plea bargain, including rehabilitation, in lieu of jail time.

You are strongly advised not to talk to anyone about your identity theft case other than your lawyer. An experienced ID theft defense attorney will speak on your behalf, work to protect your legal rights and prepare strong arguments for dismissal or reduction of state or federal fraud charges.

Attorney David Schlendorf knows what the prosecution is looking for. He is dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of the accused.

Contact The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf to schedule a consultation regarding your identity theft case. The firm serves clients throughout New jersey, including people in places such as Toms River, Lakewood, Long Branch, Middletown and New Brunswick. Mr. Schlendorf also represents people facing federal charges throughout the United States.