Domestic Violence Defense

When an individual is accused of domestic violence, he or she is almost always arrested and taken to jail. This can be an uncertain time for both the person arrested and the accuser. At a time like this, an attorney who understands your charges and the penalties you're facing can be a great asset to your family.

The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf in Toms River, New Jersey, works to protect people from serious penalties, such as fines, jail and protection orders. Mr. Schlendorf serves clients throughout New Jersey and handles federal cases nationwide. If you are facing a domestic violence-related charge such as violation of a restraining order or stalking, reach out to us today.

Understanding Accusations of Domestic Assault

Domestic assault accusations typically stem from an emotionally charged argument. While conflicts can become tense, often anger and frustration can lead to a false accusation of domestic violence. It is important to protect your rights by hiring an attorney if you or a loved one has been arrested for domestic violence or any other violent crime. Multiple domestic violence convictions can lead to a felony charge.

Atlantic County Domestic Abuse Lawyer

As a former prosecutor, David T. Schlendorf has knowledge of the prosecution's strategies, benefiting clients facing serious criminal charges. He is also a certified criminal attorney, something very few New Jersey criminal defense lawyers can boast.

Upon meeting attorney Schlendorf, thousands of clients have relied on him for aggressive and effective legal counsel. To arrange a consultation with an experienced New Jersey domestic violence defense lawyer, contact the law firm online or call 866-895-9668. The firm handles cases throughout the state, representing clients in places as diverse as Toms River, Lakewood, Freehold, Hamilton, Atlantic City and New Brunswick.