State Felonies in New Jersey

A state felony charge in New Jersey is a matter of great urgency for the accused. Consequences of a New Jersey felony conviction include years in prison and curtailment of many personal freedoms.

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The Client's Legal Rights and Future Prospects Are Front and Center

The bottom line for Mr. Schlendorf in every state felony case is the client's right to fair treatment and, if convicted, a fair consequence that reflects the crime. Clients of the Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf are reassured that their rights will not be neglected or abused, and that their attorney will do all that he can to procure the most favorable outcome attainable in their criminal defense cases.

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Contact Toms River criminal defense attorney David T. Schlendorf to schedule an initial consultation regarding an investigation, an arrest or charges of theft, assault or any other felony under New Jersey state law. The firm serves clients throughout the United States as well as throughout New Jersey, including communities such as Asbury Park, Hamilton, Long Branch, Atlantic City and New Brunswick.