Street Gangs and Criminal Charges

In an effort to stem the tide of gang-related crime, law enforcement often undertakes aggressive campaigns that trample the legal rights of accused persons. If you or a family member has been charged in connection with alleged street gang activity, contact The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf to schedule a consultation.

Defending Against Criminal Charges

Is the evidence sound? Was your arrest handled properly? Can the prosecution prove their case against you beyond a reasonable doubt?

Perhaps you, your son or your daughter was charged with vandalism, ID theft, burglary, robbery, RICO violations, conspiracy, assault, homicide, murder or terroristic threats that are said to be related to street gang activity.

Make no mistake. The prosecution is prepared to fight for a conviction when street gangs are involved. Public pressure in this area of the law is strong, and the police use aggressive law enforcement tactics when fighting street gang activity. You need an experienced and zealous criminal defense lawyer who knows how to protect your rights.

New York and New Jersey Attorney: Street Gang Crimes

Attorney David Schlendorf is a former assistant prosecutor who now acts as a guardian of citizens' rights in his role as defense lawyer. Mr. Schlendorf will fight to preserve your freedom and hold the police and prosecution to the standards provided under the law to protect citizens from unreasonable searches and unlawful detention.

Contact David Schlendorf to schedule a consultation if you stand accused as an alleged accomplice or conspirator, or for aiding and abetting street gang activity such as money laundering or drug trafficking. The firm defends clients throughout New Jersey, including places such as Toms River, Brick, Lakewood, Manalapan, Marlboro, Atlantic City and New Brunswick.