New Jersey Gun Crime Lawyer

Weapons offenses are usually considered very serious matters in the state of New Jersey. On top of the already severe penalties resulting from a criminal conviction, if a weapon is involved in any criminal charge, the penalties can substantially increase. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is important if you wish to fight the charges and the harsh consequences.

If a weapon is used while committing a crime in New Jersey, such as carjacking, aggravated assault or a sex crime, the penalties for conviction of that crime are increased. Enacted in 2008, the Graves Act imposes mandatory prison sentences, increased penalties and parole ineligibility periods. In addition, there is limited availability to negotiate plea bargains. In order to fight a weapons charge, the defendant must take his or her case to trial.

Atlantic County Weapons Offenses Defense Attorney

The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf has defended thousands of clients against serious state and federal criminal felonies, many of which included enhanced penalties for the use of a weapon. Mr. Schlendorf is a certified criminal attorney, a designation held by only 2 percent of New Jersey lawyers. He is also a former prosecutor, so he understands the prosecution's side and puts this to use for his clients. Whether you have been charged with weapons smuggling or assault with a weapon, he can help.

Attorney Schlendorf is a dedicated advocate for his clients, and he does not allow their rights to be overrun by the prosecution. Call 866-895-9668 or contact the firm online to schedule an initial consultation with a New Jersey gun crime attorney as soon as possible if you are facing enhanced penalties for a weapons charge. Mr. Schlendorf serves clients throughout New Jersey, including places such as Toms River, Freehold, Long Branch, Old Bridge, Manalapan, Atlantic City and New Brunswick. The firm also handles federal cases nationwide.