Firearms Smuggling

The gun trade - both legal and illegal - is a moneymaker for manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Its profitability is one of the reasons that gun smuggling continues, despite the severe state or federal penalties imposed upon convicted smugglers. Another reason it continues is demand; it is easy to sell guns in New Jersey and the New York metro area. And illegal guns are not sold on street corners or out of the back of a truck. Online sales of weapons account for a significant amount of total gun sales.

Hire an Attorney With Federal Court Experience

One aspect of the illegal weapons trade is smuggling weapons from states where it is easier to obtain guns to states like New Jersey that have stricter gun laws. Gun smuggling is usually a federal charge because smuggled weapons have crossed state lines. If you have been charged with gun smuggling, it is important to have legal advice from an attorney with experience in federal court.

A Criminal Trial Lawyer Certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court

At The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf, our attorney is a former prosecutor and a veteran of the courtroom. He has handled more than 70 criminal trials and thousands of criminal cases both as prosecutor and defense attorney. He is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a criminal trial lawyer, an award given to only 2 percent of the criminal attorneys in the state. Dave Schlendorf is dedicated to exploring all options in his efforts to secure the most positive outcome possible for each client.

Defending Against Gun Trafficking Charges in New Jersey

In some weapons violation cases, a defendant did not know the laws regarding the purchase and possession of guns. In other cases, a defendant transported a weapon across state lines unaware that a law was being broken. In some instances, a defendant did not know that the weapons involved were stolen. Whatever the circumstances of your case, you can be assured that attorney Schlendorf will listen carefully, identify mitigating circumstances and build a strong argument for acquittal, reduced charges or a lighter penalty.

If you have been charged with gun smuggling, contact a lawyer who knows how to protect your rights and your future. Contact The Law Offices of David T. Schlendorf in Toms River, New Jersey, to discuss your case. The firm serves clients throughout New Jersey from communities such as Freehold, Asbury Park, Old Bridge, Hamilton, Atlantic City and New Brunswick.