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There is more than one type of cyber crime

Just as you should do whatever you can to avoid becoming the victim of an online scam, you don't want to partake in any activity that may be considered a cyber crime.

As technology continues to advance, there is more opportunity for people to commit cyber crimes. Adding to this is the fact that some people break the law without ever really knowing that they're doing so.

FBI investigations: 3 areas of corporate fraud

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is tasked with policing instances of corporate fraud throughout the United States. The FBI will gather evidence, perform investigations and arrest individuals they believe have committed or are engaged in supporting various types of white collar or corporate crime.

Here are the three primary areas that the FBI focuses on in this regard:

Facts that must be present for an embezzlement conviction

If you were accused of embezzlement, you are facing very serious criminal charges that could land you in jail if a conviction occurs. That said, you will also have the ability to fight back against the charges and defend yourself in court.

When organizing your criminal defense against embezzlement charges, you'll want to focus on the factors that the prosecution must prove to be true in order for a conviction to occur. If you can successfully cast doubt on the prosecution's case regarding the following four areas, you might be able to get your charges dropped, get your case dismissed or achieve a verdict of not guilty.

Facing Medicare/Medicaid fraud charges as a health professional?

When people talk about Medicaid and Medicare fraud, there's commonly a focus on people receiving benefits that they should not receive, given their income or other factors. While individual acts of fraud can cost quite a bit of money, Medicaid and Medicare fraud involving medical providers and companies can cost so much more.

Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs are notoriously difficult to navigate, especially when the regulations change periodically due to the actions of Congress or the New Jersey state legislature. Therefore, it's possible for individual medical professionals or even entire healthcare organizations to suddenly find themselves accused of Medicare or Medicaid fraud. And the costs of conviction could easily climb into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What constitutes criminal tax evasion?

Tax evasion is a crime, but not all tax issues constitute the legal definition of "tax evasion." Ultimately, prosecutors will be held to a strict burden of proof and -- as you might expect -- you will be innocent until proven guilty in these cases.

The more you understand about the crime of tax evasion, the better off you'll be when navigating your criminal defense regarding these charges. So, let's get started.

New Jersey embraces online gambling, but only on some sites

If you follow the news about gambling laws or online gambling, you may already know that New Jersey has recently taken some progressive steps. Instead of refusing to allow any kind of gambling other than the state lottery, New Jersey has sought ways to regulate and even tax gambling.

For those with a little computer savvy and an entrepreneurial spirit, wading into the realm of online gambling may seem like a prime way to make money. After all, everyone knows that when it comes to gambling, the house always wins. There is a lot less overhead expense associated with creating an online casino or gambling site than there would be with building a physical casino. Doing so, however, could leave you at risk of criminal charges.

What is insurance fraud?

Insurance fraud happens when individuals make exaggerated or inaccurate insurance claims. In these instances, the person committing fraud is trying to get financial benefits for destroyed or damaged property, or for injuries, that did not occur or that the individual reported inaccurately.

Another type of insurance fraud involves a fraudulent agent or insurance company that sells fake or unlicensed insurance to a customer and causes the customer to suffer financial losses. In other cases, an insurance broker might divert a customer's premium payments into his or her personal bank account.

4 Common types of investment fraud

Investment fraud typically involves financial investments. For example, an individual selling an investment, such as a stockbroker or someone else, might misrepresent information regarding an investment that results in the investor losing money.

The topic of investment fraud is broad and new types and categories of investment fraud are always being created. If you've been charged with such allegations, it's important that you take your defense seriously as a conviction may come with serious criminal consequences.

What is the difference between blue and white collar crime?

We hear a lot about white collar crime related to actions like embezzlement, insurance fraud and other issues, but what about blue collar crime?

Is there such a thing as blue collar crime? And what constitutes the difference between blue and white collar crime?

Bribery accusations? What constitutes a bribe?

If you're facing a bribery charge, it may have come as a surprise -- especially if you never offered money to influence someone to do you a "favor." However, bribery accusations don't always involve money. Bribery can be the acceptance or offering of anything that has value in exchange for a favor from a government or public official or employee.

Still, even if you have been accused of offering or accepting a bribe, it doesn't mean you're guilty of the offense. This article will review the elements of bribery that need to be present for a conviction to occur.

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