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August 2010 Archives

Paris Hilton Charged with Felony Drug Crime

Paris Hilton, a hotel heiress known for being a hard-partier, has been charged with committing a felony drug crime over the weekend, but her attorney is asking the public not to rush to judgment. Hilton, 29, was arrested on Friday night in Las Vegas along with her rumored boyfriend, Vegas nightclub mogul Cy Waits, 34. Hilton has been charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Man Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges in Disney Insider Trading Case

A man pleaded guilty in federal court earlier this week for his part in an insider trading scheme involving Walt Disney Co. Yonni Sebbag, the boyfriend of an assistant to a top executive with Disney, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit securities fraud and wire fraud, both federal crimes. 

Should 'Sexting' By Teenagers Result in Criminal Charges?

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal examines the relatively new issue of "sexting" among teenagers and how states around the country are trying to approach the behavior. Technology continues to rapidly change, necessitating the tweaking of existing sex crime laws to fit the reality of the times. Sexting involves the sending of nude or partially-nude photographs via cell phone. The practice has popped up in schools around the country, prompting school officials, parents, and prosecutors to scramble with how to deal with it.

What's Next for the Blagojevich Case?

As reported in the previous post, after deliberating for two weeks on 24 counts of corruption against former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, a federal jury reached a decision on just one count Tuesday and the judge ordered a mistrial for the other charges. Prosecutors have already said they will retry Blagojevich and have already been planning their next approach.

Blagojevich Convicted of 1 of 24 Counts in Corruption Case

After 14 days of deliberation, a federal jury in Chicago convicted Rod Blagojevich, the former governor of Illinois on one count of lying to the FBI. The jury deadlocked on 23 other corruption charges and the judge ordered a mistrial. Prosecutors have said they will retry the former governor on charges of racketeering, extortion and fraud.

New Jersey Considering Ban on K2 And Other Synthetic Marijuana

Local law enforcement and drug treatment centers have a popular new drug on their radar. Typically sold with a wink and a chuckle as incense or potpourri, the visually similar substance provides the user with a high similar to cheap marijuana. Sold under such monikers as "K2," "Genie," "Yucatan Fire," "Spice," "Smoke," "Sence," "Zohai," and "Skunk," the synthetic substance is a major problem for law enforcement in that it is completely legal in New Jersey and is widely available in smoke shops and online. The substance does not show up on traditional drug screening tests.

Another Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Brought Against USA Swim Team

Another lawsuit has been filed against USA Swimming alleging sexual abuse by a former swim coach. According to ABC News, a lawsuit was filed this week in California by Jancy Thompson, a former Olympic hopeful. The lawsuit names as defendants USA Swimming, Pacific Swimming (the regional level of the swim team), and West Valley swim club (her local team). The lawsuit also names her former coach, Norm Havercroft, who Thompson alleges began sexually molesting her at the age of 15, four years after he began coaching her.  

U.S. Lawsuit Against Vatican Alleging Sex Abuse Cover-Up Dropped

The Vatican had a victory Monday in the U.S. Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal when a lawyer asked a court to dismiss a lawsuit three U.S. men he represents had brought against the Holy See. The lawyer said in filings in U.S. federal district court in Louisville, Kentucky, that the U.S. courts had placed an impossible burden of proof on the plaintiffs to prove their case.

A Little Too Close for Government Work? High Court Lets Cop Return to Job After Sex Crime Conviction

The New Jersey Supreme Court held 3 to 2 last week that a Hunterdon County Sheriff's officer may not be barred from government service in spite of his January, 2008 conviction for fourth degree criminal sexual contact.

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