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September 2010 Archives

Paris Hilton Denied Entrance to Japan Because of Drug Conviction

Paris Hilton pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drug charges on Monday and was sentenced to one year of probation. She found out on Wednesday that she was not yet able to put the August cocaine possession arrest behind her. On Wednesday, Hilton announced that she was leaving Japan to return to California because immigration officials at the Narita International Airport in Japan had denied her entrance to the country.

Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton Back in Court for Drug Violations

There have been new developments this week in the drug crime cases of actress Lindsay Lohan and hotel-heiress Paris Hilton. Last Friday, Lohan admitted on her Twitter feed that she had failed a random, court-ordered drug test and a bench warrant has since been issued for her arrest. On Monday, Hilton pleaded guilty to drug charges stemming from her arrest last month in Las Vegas.

Rapper T.I. May Return to Jail for Probation Violations

Earlier this month, Grammy award-winning rapper T.I. was pulled over by law enforcement in Hollywood for allegedly making an illegal U-turn. During the traffic stop, the law enforcement officers found several pills of ecstasy in T.I.'s possession and he was placed under arrest.

Pope to Address Sex Abuse Scandal on Tour of Britain

Pope Benedict XVI is on a 4-day visit to Britain where he will meet with Queen Elizabeth II, give a mass to followers and address what has become a global child sex abuse scandal in the Church. From Boston to Belgium, priests have been accused of sexually molesting children and church leaders all the way up to the Vatican have been accused of covering the abuse up.

Sexual Assault Rampant in Nation's Prisons

The New York Review of Books recently published a piece that takes a hard look at the problem of rape in the nation's prisons and jails. The authors discuss a recent report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) on rape in federal and state prisons and county jails. The report says that 64,500 inmates reported having been sexually abused at their current facility within the last year and 24,000 reported being abused in the county jail they were currently being held in.

Hilton Says Drugs Not Hers, Attorney Questions Police Search

On August 27 in Las Vegas, Paris Hilton was arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession and her boyfriend, nightclub operator Cy Waits, was arrested on suspicion of DUI after police pulled over an SUV driven by Waits in which Hilton was passenger. Paris Hilton continues to insist that the purse she was carrying on the night of her arrest, and the cocaine found inside it, are not hers. 

Undercover Sex Crime Investigations Suspended After Fatal Shooting

On July 16, Defarra Gaymon, 48, was fatally shot by undercover Essex County Sheriff's deputy Edward Esposito, 29, in Newark's Branch Brook Park. Gaymon, the chief executive of a credit union in Atlanta, had come to New Jersey to attend a high school reunion, but first visited Branch Brook Park, a place known as a destination for gay men seeking sex with strangers. Friends and family of Gaymon were shocked by what happened that day, starting with the fact that the married, father-of-four even went to the park.

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