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October 2010 Archives

New Jersey Imposes Halloween Curfew on Registered Sex Offenders

Statistically, it has not been shown that sex crimes against children are more likely to occur on Halloween or on the days surrounding the holiday than on other days during the year. Despite this, many states around the country placed extra restrictions on the movements of registered sex offenders over the holiday weekend.

Employers Increasingly Testing for Prescription Drug Use

Many employers already test employees for any trace of illicit drugs in their systems, such as marijuana, meth or cocaine. Citing a concern for workplace safety, employers are increasingly beginning to test for legal prescription drugs as well.

T.I. Headed Back to Prison for Probation Violation

Rapper and actor T.I. is headed back to prison for 11 months for violating the terms of his probation. T.I. was arrested on September 1 in L.A. following a traffic stop during which police officers found him in possession of ecstasy and to have been drinking prescription cough syrup mixed with soda water.

Banks Resume Foreclosures as Fraud Investigations Proceed

Bank of America and GMAC Mortgage announced this week that they are resuming foreclosure processing across the country. Within the last two weeks, the major lenders had announced a moratorium on foreclosure processing after it came to light that some of the required protocols for foreclosures had been abandoned because of the large volume of foreclosures coming before lenders every month. For example, lenders did not always have personal knowledge of the facts in each foreclosure as required, but simply signed them.

CVS Accused of Enabling Meth Production, Fined $75 Million

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and federal prosecutors accused CVS/Pharmacy of enabling the manufacture and trafficking of meth by not doing enough to regulate the sale of pseudoephedrine, an ingredient used in meth production. CVS and the DEA announced on Thursday that the drugstore giant will pay a record $75-million fine to settle the case and avoid criminal drug charges.

Rapper T.I. Helps Suicide Jumper Change His Mind

Rapper T.I. is facing possible revocation of his parole at a court hearing scheduled for Friday, but on Wednesday he made the news for helping police in Atlanta talk a man out of jumping off a 22-story building. T.I. said that he did not have ulterior motives for his good deed, but just did what he felt he needed to in the moment.

Sex Abuse Victims Continue to Build Case Against Vatican

Despite the dismissal of another civil lawsuit brought against the Vatican, another case is still proceeding. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of dozens of boys who say they were sexually assaulted for years by Father Lawrence C. Murphy. The boys were deaf and all students living at the St. Johns School for the Deaf in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Father Murphy was their headmaster. Murphy is accused of molesting at least 200 boys at the school from 1950 to 1974.

George Michael Almost Done Serving Jail Sentence

Grammy award-winning singer George Michael has served a little over three weeks of his four-week jail sentence, and he recently told the media that he is doing fine in jail. After pleading guilty to driving under the influence of marijuana in August, Michael was sentenced to eight weeks in prison, but told he would only spend half of it behind bars and the other half on probation after being released.

Rutgers Students Could Face Hate Crime Charges for Streaming Sex Video Online

Two Rutgers University freshmen could face hate crime charges for secretly recording one of the student's roommates, Tyler Clementi, having sex with a man and streaming those images on the Internet. Clementi committed suicide a few days after the live video was broadcast. Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, both 18, already face charges of invasion of privacy. According to a report by CBS News, the two are charged with collecting or viewing sexual images without consent and transmitting them online via computer. 

Dozens Arrested in International Computer Hacking Scheme

Federal law enforcement officials have arrested more than 60 people in an international computer hacking scheme that resulted in the theft of millions of dollars from U.S. bank accounts of individuals, businesses and government agencies. Those involved in the scheme allegedly infected computers with viruses via e-mail. The malware embedded into the victims' computers then gathered user names and passwords for online bank accounts, which were used to take over the bank accounts.

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