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Rapper T.I. Helps Suicide Jumper Change His Mind

Rapper T.I. is facing possible revocation of his parole at a court hearing scheduled for Friday, but on Wednesday he made the news for helping police in Atlanta talk a man out of jumping off a 22-story building. T.I. said that he did not have ulterior motives for his good deed, but just did what he felt he needed to in the moment.

T.I. is on probation after being released from prison earlier this year after serving a year for federal weapons charges. In September, T.I. and his wife, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, were pulled over by law enforcement in Los Angeles for making an illegal U-turn and police found several ecstasy pills on both T.I. and Cottle.

T.I. said he heard about the situation of the man threatening to jump off the building as he drove away from his house to go to a video shoot. The building houses the V-103 radio station and the DJs were discussing the drama unfolding on the roof. T.I. said that he felt he should do something to help and called V-103's Ryan Cameron asking what he could do. T.I. drove the 45 minutes to the building and spoke with a police officer at the building's ground level.

The police recorded a message from T.I. on a cell phone, which he then gave to a negotiator on the roof who showed it to the 24-year-old man. The man watched the video and decided against jumping. He talked to T.I. downstairs for a few minutes before being taken to a hospital.

T.I. said that he told the man that no matter how bad it seems right now, it will get better. Police officers involved in the situation say that they are grateful that T.I. decided to take time out of his day to make a difference in the troubled man's life. 


T.I.: 'Hero' role won't affect court hearing (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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