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T.I. Headed Back to Prison for Probation Violation

Rapper and actor T.I. is headed back to prison for 11 months for violating the terms of his probation. T.I. was arrested on September 1 in L.A. following a traffic stop during which police officers found him in possession of ecstasy and to have been drinking prescription cough syrup mixed with soda water.

T.I. was also found to have been driving around with a convicted felon in his car, a man who was involved in the weapons violations that originally sent T.I. to prison. The man in the car, Cortez Thomas, was arrested this year on ecstasy and marijuana distribution charges while driving T.I.'s car.

Associating with a convicted felon and being in possession of drugs were both violations of his probation. T.I. also tested positive for opiates after submitting to a drug test following his arrest.

T.I. could not persuade the judge to not send him back to jail, and T.I. is persuasive, having managed to convince a depressed man not to jump off a building two days before his probation hearing. Some accused T.I. of a publicity stunt, but a police officer testified during the hearing that he was present at the time of the intervention and believed that T.I.'s motives and the man's depression were genuine and that T.I. had been instrumental in preventing the suicide.

T.I.'s defense attorneys also could not convince the judge to be lenient due to T.I.'s problems with drug dependence. They argued that T.I. was only hurting himself by taking drugs, or that he committed a "victimless crime." They said that T.I. had recently become addicted to painkillers again after having extensive dental work done, including seven root canals earlier this year.

T.I. will go back to prison for 11 months after which he will be on probation again. The judge told T.I. that he could face up to three more years in prison if he violates his second probation.


T.I. to return to prison for 11 more months (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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