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DEA Ban on Fake Pot Fast Approaching

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration announced at the end of last month that they were imposing a temporary year-long ban on the five chemicals used to make synthetic marijuana. The DEA is required to give people a 30-day advance notice of emergency bans, so the actual ban will soon be in place. The ban will be in place for a year while the DEA studies the five chemicals to determine whether they are safe for human consumption or whether the chemicals and products should continue to be regulated as controlled substances.

While the ban is in place, it will be illegal to manufacture, sell or possess the synthetic marijuana or any of the five chemicals used to make it. The fake pot is made by coating plant material with the chemicals. It was being sold as incense and labeled as not meant for human consumption, but people were smoking it to experience a high similar to smoking marijuana.

The DEA was alarmed over increasing reports of young people becoming ill after smoking the fake pot products. The products have been becoming more and more popular with teens and college students. Poison control centers and emergency rooms across the country have reported increasing amounts of people experiencing bad reactions from the chemicals, including hallucinations, rapid heart rate and high blood pressure and extreme agitation.


It looks like incense but smells like trouble (The Houston Chronicle)

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