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DEA Looking Into 'Fake Cocaine,' No Current Plans to Ban it

As the DEA nears the final implementation of an emergency ban on possessing, manufacturing or distributing synthetic marijuana, it is also beginning to look into reports of injuries and illnesses being caused by "fake cocaine" products. The products are sold as bath salts and snorted by some as a legal alternative to cocaine. The DEA has no current plans to ban the chemical used in the salts, methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), but it has listed it as a drug of concern.

MDPV stimulates the central nervous system and can cause an experience similar to using cocaine or meth. The drug can have a psychotic effect and some suicides and psychotic breaks from reality have been linked to the drug.

MDPV can have side effects such as irregular heartbeat, paranoia and high blood pressure. According to The Sacramento Bee, 232 calls were made in 2010 to poison control centers around the country concerning the drug.

The fake cocaine products are sold as bath salts in half-gram packages. The bottles sell for $25 to $30 and are sold in many of the same places where the synthetic marijuana products were sold. They are known by brand names including Blue Silk, Charge Plus, Ivory Snow, Ivory Wave and White Lightening.


Bath salts misused as 'fake cocaine' send users to hospitals (The Sacramento Bee)

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