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Fake pot sellers say they will fight DEA's ban

The Drug Enforcement Agency's emergency ban on five chemicals used to manufacture synthetic marijuana products officially began on March 1. It is now illegal to manufacture, sell or possess fake pot products containing the five banned chemicals. The DEA has banned the chemicals for 12 months to 18 months to study whether the chemicals are dangerous for humans and whether they should be permanently outlawed.

Business owners, however, have said that the ban will not work because the five chemicals have many varieties and the DEA does not have the resources to study and ban them all.

A recent Associated Press article discussed how business owners plan to get around the ban. A business owner in Minnesota told the AP that the chemicals have 210 similar compounds that are not yet banned. Four business owners in Minnesota are suing the DEA for overstepping its authority and banning the chemicals without enough reason to do so.

A judge threw out the business owners' lawsuit last month because it was filed before the DEA's ban officially went into effect. Now that the ban is law, the business owners filed their lawsuit again. They say that the DEA is "treading on the Constitution" and they will take their case all the way to the Supreme Court.

The fake pot products are sold as incense under various brand names, including Red X Dawn, Spice, K2 and Blaze.


Minn. head shop owner says fake pot ban won't work (Bloomberg Businessweek)

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