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Police cracking down on designer drugs on Jersey shore

As discussed in the previous post, Governor Chris Christie recently signed a bill into law that bans the manufacture, distribution or possession of the designer drugs bath salts in New Jersey. Law enforcement in the state are now cracking down on the sale of bath salts by retailers. A recent story by CBS News discussed the efforts by police to crack down on retailers who sell banned designer drugs on the Jersey shore.

CBS News sent a correspondent along on the police busts up and down the Jersey shore. New Jersey recently banned several chemical compounds that are commonly found in bath salts, which is manufactured to produce similar effects as illegal drugs meth or cocaine.

Police say it is illegal to sell a product if its only purpose to produce effects in a user similar to already-illegal drugs. Even if the product is not packaged to advertise human consumption, if the retailer specifically sells it to a customer to get high that is illegal. A few retailers were arrested this summer after selling designer drugs to undercover cops for the purposes of getting high.

The Federal Analog Act makes drugs that are similar to already banned substances illegal if they are created in order to mimic the already-illegal substances. Most of the bath salts designer drugs will also be directly illegal now that New Jersey has banned most of the chemicals found in the products. The Drug Enforcement Administration imposed a ban on five chemicals found in fake pot, but it has not made a similar move against bath salts yet.

Source: CBS News, "War on 'designer drugs' comes to Jersey shore," Sharyl Attkisson, Aug. 31, 2011

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