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January 2012 Archives

Newark Murder Rate: Up Then Down

The mayor of New Jersey's largest city, Newark, is claiming a partial victory in the war on murders and shootings. This is even though the overall murder rate in Newark increased about five percent in 2011 over 2010. However, Mayor Cory Booker said that data for the last half of the year shows that Newark's violent crime rate is going down.

Can the Police Use GPS? Supreme Court Says No

The Supreme Court has limited the tracking of GPS devices by law enforcement. The decision, released on January 23, will affect the privacy rights of Americans for years to come. Senator Pat Leahy of Vermont and the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, described the high court ruling as "a victory for privacy rights and for civil liberties in the digital age."

Supreme Court Gives Death Row Inmate Another Chance

It happens all the time - something gets lost in the mail. However, it is seldom a life-and-death matter. For an Alabama death row inmate who missed a filing deadline because of a mailroom mix-up at his attorney's New York law firm, a recent Supreme Court ruling on the subject gives this convicted murderer another chance.

NJ Teacher's Facebook Remarks: Cyberbullying or Free Speech?

Internet and computer crimes such as cyber bullying raise many legal issues.  For example, the school board in Union Township, New Jersey, has begun proceedings against a teacher who allegedly made anti-gay remarks on Facebook. At issue in the matter is not only the teacher's job, but her right to free speech. 

IRS Increases Efforts to Prevent Fraud

The chances of getting charged with identity theft just increased, according to a publication directed at accountants, Accounting Today. The Internal Revenue Service has created a special section on its web site dedicated to combating phishing, tax refund fraud and other types of identity fraud and theft.

New Jersey Reduces Number of Prisoners

New Jersey has been a leader in reducing its prison population in the past few years. In the years since 2000, New Jersey's prison population has declined by 20.6 percent, or 6,486 inmates. However, most other states have seen increases in the number of people incarcerated, with Illinois leading the pack with an increase of 3,257 prisoners in 2010, or an annual increase of 7.2 percent.

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