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February 2012 Archives

Hate Crime or Cyber Crime?

The case has attracted worldwide attention and sparked a national conversation about cyber-bullying and other computer crimes. The Rutgers University student who committed suicide after his intimate encounter with another man was broadcast on the Internet has been the subject of countless media reports and water-cooler conversations.

Is New Jersey Safer or More Dangerous? Not Clear From Statistics

Violent crime in New Jersey is down, at least according to the Uniform Crime Report released by the FBI. The latest reporting year, 2010, shows that overall violent crime is down by .2 percent, while the rate per 100,000 is also down by 1.2 percent. This is true for all violent crime categories except murder.

Cops Plead Guilty to Conspiracy

Police and corrections officers in New York and New Jersey have pled guilty to federal conspiracy charges. They were charged with participating in a scheme to transport firearms and stolen items across state lines. In addition to the weapons, the officers admitted to knowingly moving goods such as stolen slot machines, cigarettes and other items across state lines.

Jobs for Ex-Felons? A City in Michigan Sets an Example

If you have a felony conviction on your record, finding a job when you get out of prison is almost impossible. Few employers want to take that risk. This makes it quite likely that you will reoffend and go back to prison - where at least you will receive a bed and food. Two companies in Grand Rapids, Michigan, have taken steps to address the problem of recidivism in a practical way - they are hiring former prisoners and are encouraging other businesses to do the same.

Bail Reform: Both Sides Agree It's Needed

The momentum for bail reform is building. Governors, prosecutors and law enforcement across the country officials agree that that the bail system needs to change. And this agreement comes from both sides of the argument. Police and advocates for victims argue that the current bail system allows violent offenders such as rapists and murderers to go back on the streets, committing additional crimes while awaiting trial for their initial offenses. And the defense bar points out that the current bail system is stacked in favor of the rich - if you have no resources, you can't make bail and may remain in jail for months awaiting trial.

Identity Theft Law Protects Both Victims and Accused

There has been a lot of publicity around identity theft. The federal government has reported that identity theft is the fastest growing financial crime in the United States, with an identity theft occurring every 79 seconds. Partially in response to trends like this, New Jersey has what is believed to be the strongest identity theft protection laws in the U.S.

Plan to Combat Prescription Drug Fraud Unveiled in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey will be paying more attention to certain types of prescriptions in their efforts to curb prescription drug fraud and abuse. It has introduced a program to track prescriptions filled for controlled substances and human growth hormones.

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