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March 2012 Archives

More NYPD Arrests for Low-Level Marijuana Possession

NYPD arrests for minor drug crimes such as marijuana possession in 2011 rose for the seventh straight year to the highest level in over a decade, costing the city of New York about $75 million. Over 50,000 people were arrested for low-level marijuana possession offenses last year, more than double the number arrested in 2005.

Same Crime with a Different Sentence?

Over 30 years ago Legislators attempted to ensure that those convicted of a federal crime were given similar sentences. However, their efforts have not been successful. Sentencing data released by the Associated Press show that those convicted of the same crimes even in the same court house are receiving different sentences.

Proposed New Jersey Bill Would Eliminate Statute of Limitations in Sex Abuse Cases

A proposed change in New Jersey sex crime laws may affect both victims and possible defendants. State legislators are proposing to change New Jersey's sex abuse to eliminate the statute of limitations. The passage of time no longer protects alleged offenders or prohibits victims from reporting the crime.

Deportation: One of the Possible Penalties for Webcam Defendant

Dharun Ravi, whose Rutgers roommate jumped to his death after his sexual encounter with another man was advertised on the Internet, could face harsh penalties for what some might call a computer crime. Although prosecutors offered him a plea deal that would avoid prison time and deportation, Ravi and his legal team chose to "roll the dice," as one immigration attorney who is not involved in the case commented. Ravi could be deported if convicted on some of the charges he faces in Middlesex County Court.

Port Authority Posting Top Toll Violators in Online Wall of Shame

Remember that Simpson's episode where Moe contacts NASA to calculate Barney's bar tab-to find that Barney racked up over $8 billion in unpaid beer? If Barney drove on New York and New Jersey toll roads, we might just be seeing his mug online.

Medical Marijuana in New Jersey: Legal, but Not Available

Even though New Jersey legalized medical marijuana nearly three years ago, qualified patients in the Garden State are still unable to purchase it. According to the Wall Street Journal, it probably will not be legal until the end of 2012 at the earliest. The delay, according to state officials, has been caused by efforts to structure the program so that New Jersey will not experience the abuse and drug crime that has allegedly been epidemic in the medical marijuana programs in California and Colorado. The state plans to prevent the loss of the drug to non-legal sellers by measuring and weighing it very carefully during the production stage. 

NYPD Moves into New Jersey in Search of Terrorists

New York's mayor Michael Bloomberg has stated that he will authorize his police department to take all necessary steps to find and stop Muslim terrorists. He has said that he will do this even if police officers operate outside their jurisdictions or threaten the rights of legal immigrants or native-born Muslims. 

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