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Port Authority Posting Top Toll Violators in Online Wall of Shame

Remember that Simpson's episode where Moe contacts NASA to calculate Barney's bar tab-to find that Barney racked up over $8 billion in unpaid beer? If Barney drove on New York and New Jersey toll roads, we might just be seeing his mug online.

Failing to pay tolls is considered a theft of services and could be a state felony. If a violator is caught in the act, that person could be arrested. But typically, evading a fine will get you a ticket and the imposition of additional penalties.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is at it again, and this time, the Port Authority wants to show it means business. Tired of toll cheats, the Port Authority has decided to condemn the biggest offenders by putting them to public humiliation-or, as the Port Authority has fashioned-the Wall of Shame.

The Wall of Shame is an online list of violators that have ducked paying tolls time and time again-reaching amounts that would make Solomon blush. The biggest offender owes a staggering $166,000 in unpaid fines, and the Port Authority now claims that entity owes almost $2 million after penalties and fines are accounted for.

Somewhat understandably, the majority of the offenders are companies that probably have many different drivers on the road (apparently ducking tolls as a matter of course). But interestingly, some of the offenders are single individuals-with one person owing over $20,000 in tolls. It begs the question-how in the world can someone drive enough to rack up that much in unpaid tolls?

It could be worse though; in states like Florida, a license can be automatically suspended after a number of toll violations take place. What's worse is sometimes these suspensions can happen without someone even being aware of a toll violation (if for example, the automatic toll collection machine's battery is dead).

Makes the Port Authority not look so bad, doesn't it? Well, then again, maybe not.

Source:, "Port Authority posts online 'Wall of Shame,' for worst toll violators," by Steve Strunsky, Feb. 22, 2012.

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