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December 2012 Archives

Is the war on drug crime coming to an end?

Two states, Washington and Colorado, voted to regulate marijuana like alcohol, rather than defining it as an illegal drug. By doing so, the voters in these states not only opened the door to significant changes in drug crime prosecutions, prison populations and drug-related violence, but also raised attention to the issue at a national level.

False arrest lawsuit arises from acquittal

A New Jersey blogger has filed a lawsuit against the Connecticut officials who charged him with threatening and inciting violence. The man was acquitted on the Connecticut charges, but was returned to prison in Illinois, where he was serving a prison sentence after being convicted of threatening three federal judges.

Hacker is white collar criminal to some, hero to others

A man who could be seen as a hero has been charged with the white collar crimes of hacking and data theft. Andrew Auernheimer is a white hat hacker, or online security expert. This type of hacker looks for flaws in websites and servers and give that information to the creator of the website so that site security can be improved.

Police victimize brain injury victim all over again

The New Jersey State Police and Attorney General's office have egg on their faces, metaphorically speaking. They announced in June that a state trooper had used unreasonable force when he beat a mentally disabled man during a traffic stop. However, they forgot to add that they had earlier found that the trooper had done nothing wrong, even though video recorded him throwing the man to the ground and punching him in the face.

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