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February 2013 Archives

Penalties may increase for illegal cigarettes

People may not know that they are committing theft crimes when they buy cigarettes down south and bring them back to New Jersey.  However, having untaxed smokes in the state is illegal, and has been for many years. If the state legislature has its way, the penalties for the offense of "smuggling" cigarettes will become even greater.

Can police line-ups in criminal cases be more accurate?

Eyewitness testimony provides dramatic energy to TV crime show such as Law & Order, reflecting real-life police work solving violent and other crimes. However, law enforcement across the United States is beginning to change its attitude toward this feature of criminal prosecution.

Proposal: Stricter sex crime penalties for child pornography

New Jersey is hoping to make state child pornography laws as strict as federal sex crime laws. If the legislation passes, the laws would be among the strongest state child porn laws in the U.S.

Tracing Guns Used in Violent Crimes: It's Not CSI

There is no national database of gun owners, gun sellers or guns in existence. In fact, federal law prohibits the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (AFT) from keeping track of guns generally. A gun can only be tracked after it is used to commit a crime.

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