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March 2013 Archives

New Internet Trend Is Actually A Crime

A New Jersey teen has been charged with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief for pranking a supermarket with the Gallon Smash. Gallon Smash is an Internet phenomenon that shows a shopper smashing two gallons of milk on the floor and then falling to indicate that it was an accident.

FBI to target Sandy fraud

Most people think about the devastation and death that Hurricane Sandy caused. However, the FBI has a different take. It thinks about white collar crime, especially fraud. Federal investigators are now looking very carefully at the billions of dollars pouring into New Jersey for rebuilding projects.

Sex crime linked to state computer

If you are a public employee in New Jersey, pay attention to the sex crime conviction of a former Rutgers University instructor for sharing child pornography online. His conviction was notable not just because he used peer-to-peer networks to share child porn, but that he did so using a state-owned university computer.

Newark approach to violent crimes changes

The Newark police department is changing how it deals with non-fatal violent crimes. Instead of putting all its resources into solving homicides, it is adding detectives to the major crimes unit for nonfatal shootings and robberies. The thinking behind this is to treat nonfatal shootings as if they were homicides; if a gunman shot somebody once, there's a good chance it will happen again with more drastic results.

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