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April 2013 Archives

Drugs and doorsteps: when can officers search without a warrant?

People have an enhanced expectation of privacy in their own homes. The U.S. Supreme Court reaffirmed this important principle just last month, in a case about a drug-sniffing dog at the front door of a house. In a case called Florida v. Jardines, the Court held that this constitutes a search for Fourth Amendment purposes.

Does the IRS need a search warrant to access your e-mail?

The filing deadline for federal income tax returns is only five days away. In New Jersey and across the country, taxpayers have either filed or are going down to the proverbial wire. Either way - unless a tax refund is already in hand - it's a time of considerable anxiety.

Computer and White Collar Crimes Biggest Threat to U.S.

The nation's top intelligence officer says that cyber crime, rather than terrorism, is the biggest threat to American security. The biggest perpetrators, says the National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, are the Chinese. "Beijing should take serious steps to investigate and put a stop to these activities," says Donilon.

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