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October 2013 Archives

Fraud charges and corporate culture: the Madoff trial

Every company has a culture. For years, IBM was known for its button-downed image, complete with crisp white shirts for most employees. Steve Jobs, wearing his signature black turtlenecks, took Apple to unprecedented heights of popularity cultivating a completely different image.

Star date 2013: the Fourth Amendment in a device-driven world

Forty-some years ago, on the original Star Trek, those "communicators" that Captain Kirk and others flipped open so effortlessly seemed so cutting edge. In the last decade, however, as cellphones have become the norm in American life, what once was cutting edge has become an everyday reality. 

Gun buybacks and violence prevention strategy

Gun buy-back programs are one way that law enforcement agencies try to respond to the problem of gun crime. Authorities sometimes view such programs as part of a larger strategy to address gun violence that also includes appropriate criminal prosecution and effective education efforts.

Legacy of the drug war: strict money-laundering statutes

A Pyrrhic victory is a nominal victory whose real results are so devastating that it is actually a defeat. The term comes from a Greek general who reportedly remarked that another victory over the Romans would be his ruin because of the great losses he had suffered.

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