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November 2013 Archives

2 charged after drug investigation

An investigation that began in New Jersey, ended recently with the arrest of two 20-year-old men. Members of the Atlantic City Violent Crime Task Force arrested the men at their home in Margate on charges related to drug distribution. The task force included law enforcement officers from agencies throughout the state including the Atlantic City Police Department, the New Jersey State Police and the Atlantic County Sheriff's Office.

Cellphone searches and privacy protections, part 2: Little Brother

George Orwell's novel "1984" was one of the most famous books of the 20th century. Millions of high school and college-age kids came of age reading this cautionary tale about the threat posed to individual identity by an omnipresent, dictatorial government represented by the famous figure of Big Brother.

Cellphone location searches and privacy protections, part 1

In this blog, we've been closely following issues involving the application in an online world of constitutional principles that protect against unreasonable searches and seizures. In our October 14 post, for example, we wrote about a case raising the issue of warrantless searches of the contents of cellphones. That case involved a warrantless search of a cellphone's call log following an arrest.

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