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2 charged after drug investigation

An investigation that began in New Jersey, ended recently with the arrest of two 20-year-old men. Members of the Atlantic City Violent Crime Task Force arrested the men at their home in Margate on charges related to drug distribution. The task force included law enforcement officers from agencies throughout the state including the Atlantic City Police Department, the New Jersey State Police and the Atlantic County Sheriff's Office.

Police charged the men with distributing a synthetic drug known on the street as 'Molly," which is reportedly a purer form of MDMA. MDMA is distributed under its street name 'ecstasy." Charges against the men include conspiracy to distribute MDMA, possession of MDMA and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Members of the task force entered the home of the two men with a search warrant. The search resulted in the seizure of a small quantity of Molly, but officers also seized almost a pound of marijuana, scales and at least $8,000 in cash.

Searches and seizures are important elements of drug crime investigations and prosecutions because of the evidence they produce, and many criminal defense attorneys are mindful of the strict procedural rules imposed upon law enforcement agents by the United States Constitution and rulings by the US Supreme Court. Depending upon the facts of a particular case, use of evidence obtained in violation of the rules and guidelines pertaining to searches and seizures might be subject to challenges in court. If a judge finds that police did not follow the proper procedures for obtaining a warrant and conducting a search, the prosecution might be weakened by exclusion of the evidence from the case.

Source: News Room Jersey, "Synthetic Drug "Molly" Bust In Atlantic City", November 26, 2013

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