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March 2014 Archives

New Jersey case involves insider trading

Most of our New Jersey readers probably associate the term "white collar crimes" with offenses like embezzlement or credit card fraud. But there is another charge that can be lumped into this category, and it has landed some high profile individuals in hot water: insider trading.

Did two men actually plan to commit murder and rape?

New Jersey residents may have heard about a criminal case that recently went through a jury trial - the case involved two individuals who are alleged to have traveled through New Jersey and New York discussing the possibility of kidnapping, raping and killing women. While these are definitely disturbing allegations, the critical part of the case is this: the two men never actually kidnapped, raped or killed anyone.

Police operation in New Jersey leads to drug arrests and more

New Jersey law enforcement officials, and indeed police organizations across the country, are engaged daily in efforts to curb drug crimes in America. Oftentimes several different agencies in one particular area will cooperate in large-scale operations to target individuals who have become suspects in criminal investigations. One such operation occurred recently in Hackensack, and the result was the arrest of over 100 people.

Proposed law in New Jersey would increase penalties

Most of our New Jersey readers know that being convicted of committing a crime can come with some very unpleasant sanctions. A criminal sentence can include jail or prison time and lengthy periods of probation that can include a variety of conditions. This is true whether the conviction is for a violent crime, like robbery, or for what some call "white collar crimes," like Internet fraud. No matter the crime, the penalties can be severe. And, according to a recent article, one New Jersey assemblywoman is hoping to add one more layer to the potential penalties for public officials - removal from office.

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