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Proposed law in New Jersey would increase penalties

Most of our New Jersey readers know that being convicted of committing a crime can come with some very unpleasant sanctions. A criminal sentence can include jail or prison time and lengthy periods of probation that can include a variety of conditions. This is true whether the conviction is for a violent crime, like robbery, or for what some call "white collar crimes," like Internet fraud. No matter the crime, the penalties can be severe. And, according to a recent article, one New Jersey assemblywoman is hoping to add one more layer to the potential penalties for public officials - removal from office.

The reports indicate that the assemblywoman wants a more automatic process for removing public officials from office when they are convicted of a crime, either in federal or state court. The assemblywoman was apparently prompted into action by the recent conviction of Trenton mayor Tony Mack on federal charges. The current system for removing a public official from office upon a criminal conviction usually requires a court proceeding.

The assemblywoman has stated that being convicted of a crime robs the public official in question of the public's trust. This, in turn, renders the public official less effective and less capable of fulfilling the role they were elected to do.

It should come as no surprise to our readers to see efforts to increase the potential penalties for individuals convicted of criminal offenses. Efforts like this take place yearly across the nation, as politicians and lawmakers search for the correct response to crime. However, there could be questions about whether efforts like the one proposed in New Jersey go too far - essentially stripping a person of their livelihood.

Source: PolitickerNJ, "Schepisi Introduces Bill on Removing Officials from Office Upon Criminal Conviction," Feb. 26, 2014

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