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April 2014 Archives

New Jersey officials arrest four men on child pornography charges

Our New Jersey readers probably know that law enforcement officials have many different ways to investigate potential criminal activity. Television shows depicting police officers going undercover or using scientific analysis of evidence may seem outlandish, but some of those techniques are actually used in real life. And, certain types of criminal offenses, like sex offenses against children, are the types of crime that law enforcement agencies almost always place a high priority on.

Identity theft and tax fraud part of charges against man in NJ

Some of our New Jersey readers may have heard about the increasing problem of fraudulent tax returns being filed with the aim of receiving tax refunds under someone else's name. This problem has become especially concerning to law enforcement officials since the ability to file taxes over the Internet has gained significantly in popularity over the last several years. White collar crimes like this have always been of particular interest to federal authorities, and one man who was living in New Jersey recently had his federal case move forward.

Alleged tax problems leads to charges on white collar crimes

It is tax season and everyone knows how difficult it can be to make sure every bit of information provided to the Internal Revenue Service is correct. The federal tax code is so complicated that millions of people make inadvertent mistakes on the returns they file, and as a result they lose out on money that should be refunded to them. The good news is that most people will never face criminal charges if they make a mistake with their taxes, because one of the most essential elements of a tax crime charge is the willfulness of illegal behavior. For the owners of a famous string of pizza restaurants in New Jersey, however, federal authorities are claiming that essential element was present.

Heroin bust leads to federal drug crime charges for 21 people

Just like in every other state, New Jersey law enforcement officials have contact day in and day out with people who have gotten themselves caught up in America's ongoing battle with illegal drugs. While many states are dealing with an exploding methamphetamine problem, some states are beginning to see a rising concern with a drug that has been around for a long time: heroin.

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