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Alleged tax problems leads to charges on white collar crimes

It is tax season and everyone knows how difficult it can be to make sure every bit of information provided to the Internal Revenue Service is correct. The federal tax code is so complicated that millions of people make inadvertent mistakes on the returns they file, and as a result they lose out on money that should be refunded to them. The good news is that most people will never face criminal charges if they make a mistake with their taxes, because one of the most essential elements of a tax crime charge is the willfulness of illegal behavior. For the owners of a famous string of pizza restaurants in New Jersey, however, federal authorities are claiming that essential element was present.

According to a recent report, the husband and wife team who owns the Manco and Manco pizza shops were arrested and will now face 30 counts of white collar crimes, specifically tax evasion. The federal authorities have claimed that the couple "skimmed" money from the pizza shops and also that they knowingly hid their income. All told, the charges allege that the couple hid almost $1 million in funds that should have been reported to the IRS.

It seems to be a tricky double-standard that the federal government is engaged in when it comes to the tax code: the government makes it more complicated every year, but still expects the average citizen to comply with every requirement. As a result, a multi-million dollar industry has developed simply to help people file their taxes correctly.

In this case, further details may come out that could shed some light on this couple's financial situation and how the money could have been unreported. As part of their criminal defense, anyone who helped or advised the couple with their finances will surely come under the spotlight.

Source:, "Owners of Famed Jersey Shore Pizzeria Skimmed Thousands Off the Top: Pros.," April 4, 2014

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