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Cocaine and murder-for-hire part of recently charged federal case

There has been a lot of public debate throughout the United States about how to deal with so-called "low-level" drug crimes, like possession of marijuana, for instance, in the wake of changing public attitudes. Two states, Colorado and Washington, have actually legalized marijuana possession and use to a certain extent, although there don't appear to be any additional states on the cusp of making a similar move. These low-level, state drug crimes are often viewed as not being that serious, so therefore the punishment, if any, shouldn't be that severe - or so the argument goes. Federal drug crimes, however, are still a very different story in America.

In a recent high-profile report, federal authorities announced the arrest of a police officer from Florida who is alleged to have been engaged in a drug trafficking operation that was targeting activity in New Jersey, along with several other states. The authorities claim that the officer, a 45-year-old lieutenant from Miami, was tied to a drug-dealing group involved in cocaine trafficking in particular.

To make matters worse, the officer is also alleged to have been involved in a plot to murder several members of a rival drug distribution operation. And, he is also said to have provided weapons to alleged drug dealers located in the Dominican Republic.

The wide-ranging facts and charges involved in this police officer's case will make the task of planning a comprehensive criminal defense strategy quite difficult. However, the arrestee has every incentive to make sure that he puts the best defense forward, because several of the charges he is facing could result in a sentence of life in prison if he is convicted. These charges he faces are not what anyone would consider to be "low-level" offenses.

Source:, "Florida cop charged in scheme to distribute cocaine in New Jersey," April 9, 2014

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