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May 2014 Archives

New Jersey woman accused of felony-level white collar crimes

Whenever there are reports of someone stealing money from an employer, most of our New Jersey readers probably think that the charges will include embezzlement. However, that wasn't the case in a recent arrest, in which a long-time employee of a construction business in New Jersey is alleged to have stolen upwards of $500,000 from her employer. Instead, the 54-year-old female suspect will face felony charges of theft and forgery - both of which are serious white collar crimes themselves.

New Jersey man to face wire fraud charges in federal court

Many New Jersey residents are wary of investing their money in anything other than a savings account or certificate of deposit, mostly because they are worried about losing those funds in a volatile market. A report about a New Jersey man who was arrested recently on allegations of taking his clients' money in a real state "scam" may only further that fear of investing.

16 people arrested in New Jersey on drug charges, more to come

When law enforcement officials target illegal drug operations in their investigations, they are usually focusing on what most people call hard drugs, like cocaine and heroin. In New Jersey, it appears that law enforcement agencies have been busy this year, as reports surfaced recently of yet another sweep of arrests targeting an alleged drug trafficking group.

New Jersey lawyer accused of theft crimes involving client funds

When most of our New Jersey readers think about theft crimes, they probably think about shoplifting and identity theft. But anytime someone is entrusted with managing funds for other people, there is the potential that a situation could arise wherein a suspicion of theft could pop up. For one New Jersey attorney, that type of situation recently resulted in two indictments.

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