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New Jersey woman accused of felony-level white collar crimes

Whenever there are reports of someone stealing money from an employer, most of our New Jersey readers probably think that the charges will include embezzlement. However, that wasn't the case in a recent arrest, in which a long-time employee of a construction business in New Jersey is alleged to have stolen upwards of $500,000 from her employer. Instead, the 54-year-old female suspect will face felony charges of theft and forgery - both of which are serious white collar crimes themselves.

The reports indicate that the alleged theft of funds in this case began approximately five years ago in 2009. The suspect no longer works at the construction company, and after her arrest on May 15 she is said to have posted the $50,000 bail that was set in her case.

Suspects who were in a position of trust during the commission of their alleged criminal activities will almost always face a tougher road trying to convince the members of a jury of their credibility, if the case gets that far. That is why some defendants, fearful of a built-in mistrust that may be present with jury members in these types of cases, will opt instead to have a case heard solely in front of a trial court judge - what is typically known as a bench trial.

Every criminal defendant has the right to a trial. However, the strategic decision on how to go about pursuing that option is all part of weighing what approach is the best criminal defense option in the unique case. For the 54-year-old woman who is facing charges in New Jersey state court after her recent arrest, these types of decisions may not need to be made for quite a while, but they should be part of the early discussions about what is best in her particular case.

Source:, "Slatington woman stole more than $500,000 from Hunterdon County employer, authorities say," Matthew Bultman, May 19, 2014

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