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June 2014 Archives

Defendants to face child pornography charges after indictments

Most of our New Jersey readers probably know that sex offenses against children have become such a high priority for law enforcement agencies that many have developed dedicated units to combat this type of crime. For instance, in New Jersey we have the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, just one example of a unit that cooperates with other law enforcement agencies in an effort to police these types of crimes. This task force, along with the New Jersey State Police and other partners, recently saw some of their efforts result in indictments, even though it had been several months since the arrests in question were made.

Smoke shop search leaves two men facing drug possession charges

Some of our readers may think it is strange that so-called tobacco shops are able to sell pipes, bongs and rolling papers - all of which are associated with the use of marijuana - openly to the public. The distinction is that these shops operate under the wink-and-nod assumption that they are only selling these items for tobacco use, which is completely legal. The reality, however, is that anyone who goes to one of these shops - or who works for one - may find themselves under the suspicion of New Jersey law enforcement officials who are investigating drug crimes.

Police execute huge heroin bust in in New Jersey

Some of our readers may have seen previous posts here about the reported resurgence in popularity that heroin is experiencing among drug users throughout the country, including in New Jersey. Drug crimes involving heroin have not gone unnoticed by law enforcement agencies, and a recent report is evidence that New Jersey agencies in particular have staked out a strong position on attempting to hold back the wave of popularity that heroin is experiencing.

Sex offenses against children alleged in recent New Jersey arrest

Betrayal is a powerful motivating factor in the human mind that drives many responses, but perhaps most significant is the response of revenge. When someone is in a position of trust, especially with other people's children, and then that person is accused of betraying that trust by committing sex crimes against children, the motivation for revenge can be overwhelming.

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